OneNotary lets you invite your clients to an online notarization session using their email. Once issued, the invitation is valid for 14 days. We recommend scheduling a specific time with your client before sending the invitation.

To invite your client to a notarization:

  1. Go to “My Documents" 
  2. Click the “Invite a Signer” button in the upper right corner 
  3. Enter the signer’s email address 
  4. You can upload the document that needs notarization or let your client upload it later 
  5. Click “Send Invite” 
  6. Once you send the invitation, you'll see it in the “My Documents” list. It will show the “Invited” status and the client's email address 
  7. When your client opens the email and begins the session, you'll see the status change to “Ready to Start.” This means your client has filled in all necessary details, completed the technical check, and verified their identity 

Please see the video tutorial below for more details.

Inviting First-Time Signers 

Before you can invite a new signer, the signer must register with OneNotary. When you send an invitation, a link will redirect the signer to the sign-up screen. 

Inviting Returning Signers 

If your client has used OneNotary before, your invitation will automatically the signer to the sign-in screen. When logged in, the signer will see the invitation in the “My Documents” list.