Sometimes you may need to add placeholders for the client and/or pre-fill some information yourself when inviting your client to notarize a document. Here's how to do it:

  1. When creating an invite, in the Prepare Documents step upload a document or select a document from a template. You will see the Edit button next to the document name.

  2. Click the Edit button to open the Prepare Documents screen.

  3. On the Prepare Documents screen, you will see a toolbar with annotation tools.

    You can add:
    • Signer's signature
    • Signer's initials
    • Checkmark for the signer to tick
    • Text input for the signer to add information
    • Fill in here label
    • Free text to enter any text you may need 
    • White rectangle to whiteout any information you may want to remove

  4. After all the placeholders are in place, you can close the Prepare Documents window and send the invite to your client. 

  5. You can add or remove placeholders in the document anytime up until the notary session starts. Use the Edit button next to the document name in the Session Details section.