When to Request:

Once the signatory has entering “KBA or “photo ID verify” you may request a witness using the witness chat group in Homebase.

     Avoid requesting witnesses when the session is displaying as “draft” or “invited”

When inviting a witness participant, click the blue arrow in the top-right corner and select “I know this participant personally”, image below...

Best practice:

We all know that communication is key!  Remaining in constant contact with the signer either by email or phone will prevent them from becoming frustrated while you're coordinating their session.  Keep them informed every step of the way, just as you would expect.
    "I am attempting to locate an available witness now"
    "Your witness has been found and they are just about ready", etc.

When to Sign:

Your witnesses are there to do one (1) job and that is to watch, witness the signatory signing a document.  Therefore, they must sign AFTER the signatory but, BEFORE the notary.

Witness Required Questions:

Before your witness can sign they must be presented with the following six (6) questions... 

  1. "This session is being recorded, are you okay with that?"
  2. "Please state your name for the record."
  3. "Are you at least 18 years of age or older?"
  4. "Are you participating today on your own free will?"
  5. "Do you agree to use an electronic signature?"
  6. "Did you witness Mr. / Mrs. Signer affix their electronic signature to the document?"

NOTE: they do not need to present their ID to the camera

The full OneNotary script can be found here.