On occasion there will be sessions that you are unable to complete.  This happens for a myriad of reasons:  signer, notary, platform technical issues or perhaps the signer(s) walked away, took a call and simply forgot what they were doing.  Regardless, of the reason we have a procedure in place for such instances.  By following a few simple steps, you will be a superhero in the eyes of the signer!  

Scenario #1, Attempt #1:

~IMPORTANT~ Make note of the signer’s contact information, (email address and / or phone number), prior to starting the session!

Initial acceptance and connection attempt unsuccessful, signer never joined and the session timed out;

After your 1st attempt, DO NOT click "Postpone this Session".


Scenario #1, Attempt #2:

Prior to clicking "Re-Dial Now", send an email to the signer(s), be sure that you include support@onenotary.us on the email.

Example Email:

“Hello Mr. & Mrs. Signer:

My name is Robert J. Adkins, I am the notary assigned to your notarial request on OneNotary.us.  I apologize for the delay but, we are ready to begin and I have initiated the session.  Please click the link in the emailed invitation or login to your OneNotary.us account and come back to the session.  If you require more time to prepare please let us know.  I will attempt the session two more times.

Sincerely, Notary Name” 

After, sending the email to the signer and support, you may re-dial the session for the 2nd attempt.

Scenario #1, Attempt #3:

If your 2nd attempt to complete the session remains unsuccessful, meaning the signer never joined and the session timed out…

Check your email for a response, with any luck the signatory(s) have responded and are preparing to join.  If this is the case, re-dial a 3rd time.

Scenario #1, -END-:

If no connection to the signer is made on your 3rd attempt, Now, you may click "Postpone this Session".

Make note of the session ID in an email to Support@OneNotary.us and remember to detail the steps you have taken to reach out to the signer(s).

The [Not Started] session will be assigned to our Notary + First-touch Agents, responsible for saving the session.

Move on to the next available platform request.

*If after you have postponed the session, the signatory replies to your email and would like to continue simply, click the session in your Notary Journal.  If the session is still assigned to you it will show up in the "Active Sessions" section.  However, if Support has already assigned the call to another notary support or the new notary will have already connected to the signer and sent a new invitation.
Scenario #2, Connection without Audio or Video:

Initial acceptance and connection was successful!

However, now the signatory's audio (or video) is not working, what do you do?!

Prior to terminating the session, just wait.

Literally, allow the signer(s) a few mins. to do some troubleshooting on their end can often times lead to a completed session!

Notaries often times terminate the session prematurely. Remember, as hourly independent contractors, the name of our game is Quality over Quantity!

While waiting for the signer(s) to appear or resolve their issue, send them a friendly, professional email, always copy support@onenotary.us.

Example Email:

“Hello Mr. Signer:

My name is Robert J. Adkins, I am the notary assigned to your notarial request on OneNotary.us.  I am waiting in the meeting space and I see you have not connected via audio or video.  If you are having technical issues, try the following suggestions…

* Be sure you are using Google Chrome;
* Attempt to refresh your browser;
* If possible, join via a computer instead of your tablet or cellular phone...

Sincerely, Notary Name”


Always offer some level of fundamental troubleshooting but, remember, you are a notary not tech support.  Worst-case scenario, defer the signer to support@onenotary.us and terminate the session.


After you have exhausted all efforts to save the session, it may become necessary to terminate the session.  Please be sure to document in detail all attempts and exactly what the issue was in the pop-up box.

One the session has officially ended, conclude your efforts by sending a final email to the signer(s), copying support@onenotary.us.

Example Email:

"Mr. & Mrs. Signer:

Unfortunately, we are unable to connect to complete your notarization.  At this time, I have copied our Support Team, and opened a ticket to assist you.  They will reach out and help to reschedule your notary appointment.  Thank you for selecting OneNotary.

Sincerely, Notary Name”

Move on to the next available platform request.


Scenario #3, Session Not Progressing:

All sessions that are abandoned for one reason or another, will be worked by the Notary + First-touch Agent team automatically.

Meaning, if you accept any session and it does not progress to "Ready to Start" that session never started and will be worked by those agents. 

Move on to the next available platform request.

Failure to attempt to save the session is subject to issuance of an written warning, up to and including removal from the platform.If you have any questions regarding the above requirements, please reach out to the OneNotary Operations Team.