Every notarization performed on the OneNotary platform MUST comply with the notary's commissioning state as well as, OneNotary's requirements which, often exceed what is required by law.

To successfully complete a notarization on the OneNotary platform every stamp and / or certificate must contain the below items...

Venue of Notarial Act:

This is where the Notary is located… if the signer has entered their state and county, “XXXXX” out what they have entered and correct to your State & County.  After the correction, the Notary MUST initial and date.
State of                          
County of                               
Type of Notary Act:

This will only ever be a Jurat or an Acknowledgement.
“The foregoing instrument was ack before me…”

Jurat, swearing to a deity or Affirming on one’s honor, the information contained in the document(s) is true and accurate to the best of one’s knowledge and belief.
“Sworn to (or Affirmed) and subscribed before me…”
The following wording must appear in the notarial statement(s):

Jurat (Oath, Swear or similar)


Presence of Signer(s):

This is how the individual(s) signing the document that you are notarizing presented themselves to you…

Where they standing in the same physical location with you, Physical Presence or did they appear on an electronic device via audio/video connection and you applied an eSeal to the document(s), Online Notarization
by means of...

Physical Presence


Online Notarization
Signer(s) Signature Date:

(a/k/a Signed, Sealed Date).

*The "Delivered Date" must be the same date signed or later but, NEVER a prior or past date.
"this,                           day of                                      , 2021 "
Name of Signer(s):

Everyone signing the document in front of the notary public.

*The signer’s signature must always match the printed name on the document.
by, Name of person swearing (affirming)


by, Name of person Acknowledging
Proven Identity of Signer(s):

Everyone signing the document in front of the notary public must produce a valid ID (maybe an expired ID as your specific allows).

*Sometimes you will see the below notarial statement on a certificate.  To complete this statement, enter "N/A" on the line after "proven to me on the oath of".

Reason, you are not to be taking another another person's word that the signer is who they say they are. All signers must pass KBA and Credential Analysis prior to appearing in front of you.

"personally appeared Bob Signer, known to me, or proved to me on the oath of _______
N/A ______________ or through __Driver's License_ (description of identity card or other document) to be the person whose name...


Personal Knowledge


Produced Identification

Type of Identification Produced
Driver's License, Passport, State Issued ID etc.
Notary's Commissioned Name
Exactly how your name is listed on your commission
Notary's Signature & Title
Exactly how your signature appears on your commission application
"Remote Online Notary"
Document DateThe document MAY have a date that differs from the date of the notarial act.  When entering the "document" date you may use that date... again, for the DOCUMENT DATE only, the signature date is different.
If no other date exists on the document, enter the date of the notarial act... the date you meet with the signer to complete the document
Notary's Stamp, placed beside or below Notary's signature
Online Notarization Disclosure

"along with multi-factor authentication and audio/video recording to be notarized online"

*Number of Pages / Name of Document
When adding a loose-leaf certificate

Notarizations missing any portion of these requirements is subject to issuance of an indiscretion citation, up to and including removal from the platform.  If you have any questions regarding the above requirements, please reach out to the OneNotary Operations Team.