Hello.  My name is                                , a Remote Online Notary commissioned in the State of                          .

Permission to Record:

Before we begin this session is being recorded, do I have your permission to proceed?


Yes – continue to ID confirmation

No – since you indicated that you would not like to continue with audio/video recording, I will now terminate this session as all sessions must be recorded and retained by law for at least 10 years.

Confirm Identification: 

Thank you, give me one moment while I confirm your identification.


Valid and clear photo – continue

Not valid and / or not clear photo – request another copy be uploaded, front and back


If still unable, terminate the session and request they come back when they are ready and have a valid form of identification.

*follow your state laws regarding what is an acceptable form of identification and if you are permitted to accept an expired identification*


Relate to your Signer & Set Expectations:

Advise the signer(s) of the following:

"My goal is to provide you with one of a kind, quality notary service.  If at any time during our session, something would prevent you from leaving me 5 stars and positive feedback, please let me know as soon as possible.  This way we can pause and address your concern(s)."
While the document is loading and our digital office space is being prepared, would you like to explain what are we signing today?


Next, allow signer(s) to explain their document(s)

Once they finish discussing the document, you may proceed


Signatory Required Questions:

Okay, I have four (4) yes or no questions for you, (everyone must provide an audible yes or no):


"Are you participating today on your own free will?"

"Do you understand the document(s) you are about to sign?"

"Do you agree to use an electronic signature?"

"Do you understand and agree that by using an electronic signature you are legally bound to the terms and conditions of your document(s)?"


If any questions are a NO… stop and address the issue

Witness Required Questions:

"This session is being recorded, are you okay with that?"
"Please state your name for the record."
"Are you at least 18 years of age or older?"
"Are you participating today on your own free will?"
"Do you agree to use an electronic signature?"
"Did you witness Mr. / Mrs. Signer affix their electronic signature to the document?"

If any questions are a NO… stop and address the issue

Placing Under Oath:

Often you may be required to administer and place your signer(s) under oath.  A best practice, do this at the start of the session, for the duration of the session.


"I will now place you under oath for the duration of our session."

"Raise your right hand and look directly into the camera."

"Your response will be either, I swear or I affirm"


"I Swear – like, I swear to God"

"I Affirm – like, I affirm on my honor"


"Do you swear (or affirm) under penalties of perjury that the statements made by you in this / these documents, is true to the best of your knowledge and belief?"


If signer gives a “Yes” answer… repeat, "do you swear of affirm?"

If signer give a “No” answer… since you indicated that these are not truthful statement(s) I will not be able to administer the oath and continue with notarizing your documents. At this time, I am going to end our session.  You may come back once you have addressed all concerns or questions with the statements contained within your documents.

*This script is a suggested script for notarizations on the OneNotary.US platform.  As an independent contractor, it is your responsibility to know, understand and follow the laws of your commissioned state.  As a reminder, you are an independent contractor and OneNotary.US may terminate access to the platform for any reason, at any time.*