OneNotary supports loan signing out of the box. As a loan signing agent, you receive loan signing requests from title companies and signing services. You can easily complete a full loan signing using the OneNotary platform. Here is how it works:

  1. On the Notary Journal page under the “Invite a Client” button select the “Package Signing” option
  2. Invite up to three participants to sign online with you by entering their email addresses

  3. Upload the loan signing package and place all the placeholders (tags) to prepare the document

  4. There is a flat service $30 fee for a package signing. It includes the primary signer's KBA and ID verification. You can add an extra fee to your customer for document preparation. The extra fee will be transferred to you after the session is completed successfully.

  5. Meet your clients online to sign and complete all notarial acts

  6. Download the notarized loan signing package once the session is complete
Now your notarized loan signing package is ready to be delivered by you to the requestor. You will bill the requestor your fee via any billing method you choose. OneNotary does not collect the payment. Notaries bill the title companies or signing services they serve directly.

Extra Security for the Loan Signing Package

We added extra security features for online loan signing:

  • Cover page – a page that contains session information about all signers and signatures
  • An audit trail – an attachment embedded in the original notarized document with details about all the actions that occurred on a document during the online notarization process

Cover Page

The cover page is the first page of the final document. It appears when you open it in any pdf reader.