OneNotary is a remote online notary service for attorneys that makes it easy for your clients to sign and notarize documents without visiting your office. You can initiate notarization requests directly from Clio.

Follow Our Step-by-Step Instruction 

To connect Clio and OneNotary accounts you need:

  • Clio account 
  • OneNotary Attorney account 

To establish the connection:

  1. Go to the My Profile section in the OneNotary application. In the Connected Services section, you will find a Clio card 

  2. Press the Connect button next to the Clio logo 

  3. You will be redirected to a Clio website where you’ll see the OneNotary logo and all the connection details. 

  4. Press the Allow Access button 

  5. If the connection is successful, you will be redirected back to the OneNotary application. You’ll see a green Connected badge next to the Clio logo. 

From this moment you can create online notarization requests directly from Clio. Check How to Notarize a Document Online from Clio.