OneNotary is a remote online notary service for attorneys that makes it easy for your clients to sign and notarize documents without visiting your office. You can initiate notarization requests directly from Clio.

Watch Our Video Tutorial 

Follow Our Step-by-Step Instruction 

Once you connect your Clio and OneNotary accounts, you can create online notarization requests for your clients directly from Clio.

  1. Go to Clio and find the document you need notarized 

  2. Click an arrow on the View button to the left from the document name 

  3. Under OneNotary, select the Create Notarization Request option. You will be redirected to the OneNotary application

  4. Enter the client email address to send an invitation 

  5. On the next step, you’ll see the document from Clio already attached 

  6. On the Payment Details screen, select who pays for the notarization services. Enter payment details if you will pay for the service. The payer will be charged after the notarization is completed successfully.

  7. Press the Send Invite button. Your client will automatically receive an invitation to the notarization session. Notify your client to watch for an email from OneNotary.US

  8. Once the notarization is complete the request screen updates. You can see that the document is notarized, as well as other details. You can also see that the document was delivered to Clio. 

  9. In Clio you will find the notarized document in the same folder with a Notarized suffix next to it. 

Please click here for information on how to connect your Clio and OneNotary accounts.