You can take comfort knowing that your notarized document is 100% legal, compliant, and acceptable in all 50 United States. In the rare event that your document is rejected, declined, or refused, we are committed to collaborating with you to find a suitable and satisfactory solution.

No Charges Before Notarization Completion 

While you provide payment details before the session starts, please note that your credit/debit card will only be charged once the notarization process has been successfully completed.

Understanding Document Rejection Scenarios

  • Notarization Acceptance Readiness: While online notarization is becoming more widely accepted, always confirm with the requesting party before seeking online notary services.

  • State-Specific Notary Requirement: Certain documents necessitate notarization from a specific state. Before initiating a session, double-check this requirement. If a notary from a different state picks up your request, promptly inform them of the specific state requirement. This will ensure your session is directed to the appropriate notary.

  • Name and Address Consistency: To prevent complications, ensure that your name and address match both the document you're notarizing and the identification used for identity verification. Your ID serves as the reference point for notaries, and consistency is vital.

  • Meeting Unforeseen Requirements: While our notaries undergo comprehensive training, certain documents may have unique prerequisites. If these requirements are overlooked, the document might face rejection.

Understanding these potential scenarios will help streamline the notarization process and minimize the chances of document rejection.

Steps to Take if Your Document is Rejected

If your document encounters rejection, follow these steps for swift resolution:

  1. Contact Support: Reach out to us at Support@OneNotary.US and provide details about the document rejection issue.

  2. Supplying Evidence: The evidence you provide could be as simple as a refusal reason, along with an email address, phone number, person/entity name, or a document refusal letter.

  3. Review and Approval: Once you've shared the necessary evidence, we'll thoroughly review your case. You will be informed about the verdict.

  4. Refund Process: If your case is approved, we'll proceed to issue a refund to your original payment method. This will be the same card you used during your initial notarization session.

  5. Exploring Solutions: In most instances, issues can be effectively resolved by scheduling a follow-up session with a notary for necessary corrections. This proactive step can often rectify the problem.

By taking these steps, you can address document rejection efficiently and ensure a smooth notarization experience.

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