You can take comfort knowing that your notarized document is 100% legal, compliant and acceptable in all 50 United States.

However, should your document be rejected, declined or refused we'll work with you to find an acceptable resolution.  Simply email Support@OneNotary.US and provide the relevant details of your document acceptability issue.

Most issues can be resolved by meeting with your notary a second time for a correction.  If it is determined that a refund is the most appropriate remedy, evidence of the rejection, refusal, denial etc. will be required.

Such evidence can be as simple as an email address, a phone number, the name of a person or entity or a letter refusing the document.

Once you have supplied evidence, your request will be elevated to our Director of Operations for review.  If approved, we will issue a refund back to your original payment method, the card used during your initial notarization session.

The speed of which your session completes is dependent on several factors and may exceed 10-15 mins.  Our team of Notaries will go above and beyond their notarial duties to assist you but, keep in mind they are not technical support or customer service agents.  While we are happy to investigate any issue you encounter with our service, we're not the local pizza place... our notarizations are not promised to be completed in 15 mins. or its free.

Should you require greater assistance than our notary team can provide, please email  The Service Level Expectation for a support response is 24-48 hours.

A signer's credit / debit card is not charged for the notarization unless the session completes successfully.  That being said, some card issuers may place a "hold" or "temporary authorization" on your payment method.  These "holds" usually expire within 7-10 business days.  We encourage you to review your card issuer's card holder agreement or contact them directly with questions regarding their policies.

All OneNotary Platform Notaries are Independent Contractors.  Should a Notary feel uncomfortable during any aspect of the session, they retain the right and 100% absolute control over their commission.  A notary that is disagreeable with applying their name, stamp or generally not comfortable associating themselves with a signer or signer's document(s) may choose to not complete the notarial act and terminate the session.  It is the notary's sole-discretion.

See also: Paying for Remote Online Notarization; Terms of Service § 10 - Electronic Document