OneNotary is now offering Mobile IPEN/eNotary assignments for notaries with approved profiles.

IPEN/eNotary or in-person electronic notarization is just like a traditional paper-based notarization: the signer and notary meet physically and review the documents. The difference is that the documents are electronic, and the notarization happens on a computer or mobile device. It uses electronic signatures and stamps instead of ink signatures.

OneNotary Mobile IPEN/eNotary assignments are offered to notaries within proximity of the signer's Zip-code. Notaries need to make sure that the Zip-codes they serve are included in their notary profile.

These assignments are General Notary Work (not real estate transactions) and offered at flat rate compensation.

When there is an assignment within the qualified notary’s service area, they will see a request on the platform and will get a text message.

When the assignment is taken, it will no longer appear to other notaries. It is anticipated that as soon as the notary has taken the assignment, the signer will be contacted by phone to confirm the visit.

The notarization takes place electronically with IPEN/eNotary technology on the OneNotary platform. Both the notary and the signer need a device with an internet connection and a Photo ID.

After the notarization is completed, the notary will see details in the Notary Journal. Payments are made to the notary’s Stripe account biweekly.

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