When you download your digital certificate from IdenTrust there are a few more steps you need to take before the certificate is ready to upload to OneNotary using a Mac OS computer.

Follow this link with guidance for Windows computers.

Steps to prepare your digital certificate on Mac OS:

  1. Locate your certificate in the “Keychain Access” application

    Usually, you can find it in the “Certificates” or “My Certificates” section. Your IdenTrust certificate will only show your name on it. If you click the arrow to the left, it will show a “key from secure.identrust.com” underneath. This is the key you would need.

    Please, check the certificate usage before moving on. It must say “Sign” in the certificate description as shown in the picture below:

  2. Export your certificate

    Right-click with your mouse or, if you’re on a laptop, press Control + Trackpad. You will see a menu. Click “Export…” to download the certificate:

  3. Specify the export parameters
    1. Name the certificate 
    2. Choose the folder to download into
    3. Select .p12 file format 

  4. Select a secure password for your digital certificate

    Remember it well, and keep it written in a secure place for future reference. You are going to need it when uploading your certificate to the OneNotary platform. Do not disclose it to anyone.

  5. Confirm the export with a password from your computer

    It is a standard request from your operating system. Click the “Allow” button:

  6. Your digital notary certificate is ready for import

    Follow instructions in our video-tutorial to proceed

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