OneNotary offers an internal pool of online witnesses who are ready to join a notarization session. You can choose the OneNotary Witness when creating a notarization request.

Requesting a Witness 

To request a witness from the OneNotary internal pool:

  1. Create a notary session invite 
  2. Add a Primary Signer 
  3. Click the “Add a Witness” button

  4. Select the “Request OneNotary Witness” option. Check the prices here.

  5. You will see the OneNotary witness appear in the participants’ list. 

  6. Proceed with inviting your client. 

  7. Once you send the invitation to your client, the OneNotary platform will find and assign the witness to the session. 

  8. All witnesses from the OneNotary pool pass the required identity verification before joining the session. The information about their identity is saved in the notary journal as well as in your company profile.

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