After receiving an invitation to an OnlineNotary session, please follow the invite link. Complete the pre-signing steps before the online notarization session starts.

Get Started

There are several ways to receive an invitation:

Get Ready

Before the online notary session starts:

  1. Open the invitation email. You are looking for one from no-reply@onenotary.usMake sure you are checking junk/spam, and promotions email folders.
  2. Follow the link to log into OneNotary.
  3. If required documents are not added yet, upload the documents you need to notarize. Remember that you need a digital version of your documents in a .pdf format.
  4. Invite other participants (signers or witnesses) if needed.
  5. If you are paying for the session – set up your payment detailsYou will only be charged if the session is successfully completed and your documents are notarized.
  6. Check your audio/video and connection settings to make sure your setup is technically OK.
  7. Verify your identity.

When all participants are ready for the session, the platform will assign a notary, and they will initiate the session.

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