For an online notarization to take place, the state of Texas requires to use of a third-party solution to perform identity proofing and credential analysis. The OneNotary platform partners with such providers to perform the necessary checks.

Identity Proofing 

Identity proofing is the procedure by which the signer of a document affirms their identity through a dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA) process. During KBA, the signer is asked a series of questions based on their personal history. To pass, the signer must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly. If the signer fails the first attempt, the system will prompt the signer to retake the quiz. If the signer fails a second attempt, the system will prohibit retrying with the same notary for the next 24 hours.

The identity proofing is handled through the integration with our partner. OneNotary stores no data about the asked questions and the given answers. Once the identity proofing is successful, the partner notifies the OneNotary platform that the signer may proceed to credentials analysis.

Credentials Analysis 

A credential analysis is a process by which the signer’s government-issued ID card is verified for the security features on the ID, and the ID is confirmed for not being fraudulent.

During the credential analysis:

  1. OneNotary platform sends an ID Capture link to the signer 

  2. For the signer's convenience, it is recommended to open the ID Capture link on a smartphone

  3. On a page that opens, the signer would be given instructions on how to capture the ID best

  4. The instructions indicate how to take the pictures, so ID reliably passes the verification. If the quality of images is not sufficient, the signer would be informed about it and prompted to re-take the pictures. There is a simple guide on how to take a good picture o your ID

  5. Once the ID verification partner accepts the photos of the signer's ID, the signer would see an invitation to return to the desktop computer and proceed with preparation for the notarization session. 

The verification data would be shown to the notary during the notarization session, so the notary would visually confirm that the person joining the session is the holder of the ID.