The online notarization session is very similar to a regular notarization. The only difference is that both the notary and the signer meet in a secure virtual environment. 

Starting an Online Notarization Session 

  1. Before starting the session the notary checks that the signer has completed the identity verification process and filled in all required details 
  2. The session begins when the notary initiates it by pressing the "Start Session" button in the Request Details window 
  3. The platform admits the notary and the signer to a secure meeting window. In the window, they see each other, talk to each other, and see the document that would be notarized later 
  4. The notary inspects the submitted ID and confirms the identity of the signer 
  5. The notary introduces to the signer all steps of the notarization procedure and gets verbal consent to perform the remote online notarization session 

Reviewing and Signing the Document 

  1. The notary reviews the document together with the signer
  2. The notary agrees with the signer on the notarization type 

  3. The notary places placeholders in the document. For more details, please check How to Add Placeholders

  4. The signer fills out all required information with the notary and places the signature 

Signing & Stamping 

  1. The notary fills on all required information 

  2. The notary places the electronic notary stamp 

  3. If needed, the notary attaches a notarial certificate to the document

Closing the Session

  1. Once all steps are completed, the notary closes the session 

  2. The platform admits both the notary and the signer to the completed session details screen, where they can download the completed session artifacts: the notary can download the session video to store; the signer can download the notarized documents