To notarize online, all signers must have:

  1. A valid U.S. photo ID

  2. Social Security Number at least two years old. (An ITIN number will not be compatible.)

Primary Photo ID options accepted for identity verification are the U.S. Passport or Driver's license. For more options please check our list of 
alternative photo IDs.

The photo ID and an SSN are needed to verify the signer's identity and comply with current remote online notarization state laws. 

We are required to identify everyone using knowledge-based authentication (KBA). KBA generates five questions based on the signer's data derived from the Social Security Number. The signer must answer at least 4 out of 5 questions to pass the quiz successfully. If the signer fails the first attempt, the system will prompt the signer to retake one more quiz. If the signer fails the second attempt, the system will prohibit retrying for 24 hours. This waiting period is necessary to comply with state law.

The signer must also verify the photo I.D. After passing the KBA quiz, the signer will be asked to take two photos of the I.D. to verify it for authenticity. Information, such as name and address, are then stored in the notary journal. No images of the I.D. are stored.  

OneNotary works with a third-party company, LexisNexis, to perform this I.D. verification. The results of the verification cannot be reset or overridden. The identity verification lasts only 12 hours, so complete it before signing online, but not too early or it will expire. 

To complete an online notarization, you need:

- Google Chrome, 

- working webcam, 

- working audio and microphone, 

- photo I.D., 

- cell phone to take I.D. photos,

- a social security number, 

and at least one PDF document uploaded before your session.